Deep etching service

Deep-etching of packshots

To offer our deep etching service we employ an experienced team of graphic designers who are trained in carrying out accurate image editing in Adobe Photoshop in efficient time. We perform everything from simple product background removal to advanced deep-etching tasks, e.g. models with a lot of hair, bicycles or other complex images. Our deep etching service delivers your images with clipping path, mask and with or without background in the desired file formats. In short, the images are produced according to your specific requests within the agreed delivery time.

Superimposing neck sections

Naturally, we also offer post-processing of images as part of the deep etching service. Mindworking Asia also has extensive experience within superimposing neck sections in clothes, smoothing out folds and creases, retouching models for catalogues and lookbooks, colour management and colour change on textiles.

With more than 250 employees in our production unit, our deep etching service is able to produce a large number of images every day without compromising on the quality or delivery of our work. On our website, you can upload and download pictures to the deep etching service, check the live status of current tasks, send messages to our production facilities in Bangladesh or to the Australian office as well as check your order history directly. The Australian office guarantees top quality and flexible order management, so delivery on time is a priority.

Outsourcing deep-etching services and graphics work to Asia is easy when you let Mindworking Asia handle the task.

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