Mindworking Asia is a leading supplier of

Graphic outsourcing service

E-com image editing

Even the most prominent retouching studios use our services due to the quality and short turnaround times. With API integration we can streamline your image editing process in a way you didn’t think possible.

Deep-etching, masking and retouching of products, colour correction and high-end retouching of models with focus on quality and speed.

If you have more than 3,000 images per year, we can help you with our services.

Ethical outsourcing

Comprehensive CSR-Program for all 250 employees.
Documented by a Statement from an Independent European Auditor

First class customer service

Secures high-quality standards, effective communication and jobs produced as requested

Easy file handling

Orders and upload of files can be done online directly from our website

Retouching of packshots and models


Fashion magazine covers are often adorned with perfect-looking photo models with nothing out of place and perfectly smooth skin.

If a model’s skin needs to be touched up, creases in clothes are to be smoothed and the lighting perfect, many fashion companies, magazines and photographers send their ‘raw’ images to Mindworking Asia for treatment.

Image deep-etching service

We perform everything from simple product deep-etching to advanced deep-etching tasks, e.g. models with a lot of hair, bicycles or other complex images, and we will deliver with or without clipping paths depending on your request. Naturally we can deliver your images with clipping path, mask and with or without background in the desired file formats. In short, the images are produced according to your specific requests within the agreed delivery time.

We offer production of standardised deep-etching for webshops. We can, for example, place the product in a template and resize the image so the products appear professional and inviting, with a uniform look. Click below for more about our deep-etching service.


Recolouring of products:
Colour change and pattern change

Professional colour change of products. Save money and time by taking only one picture, and let us deliver them in all the colours you want.

Streamlined process, easy file management, fast delivery and information when the order is ready.

Highest quality. – To the customer it looks as if all the colour-altered clothing pieces are actually photographed individually.

Reduce the costs:

Getting a product sample produced and sent from Asia to be photographed and retouched could easily cost up to $100. At Mindworking Asia it will cost ONLY $3 to have a t-shirt recoloured.

Let us evaluate the job and give you a price. Email info@mindworkingasia.com.au

Production environment

We work around the clock in three shifts, so the time difference between AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) UTC+10 and Bangladesh UTC+6 – has no great impact.

Our Asian production office is buzzing with activity just like graphic design agencies in Australia.

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